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Stuart Housing Authority Annual Documentation

Please click here for Stuart Housing Authority’s Annual Documentation

Additional information and/or supporting documentation for the Stuart Housing Authority Agency Plan are available for viewing at our office located at 611 SE Church St, Stuart, FL 34994.




Special District Accountability Program

Every parcel of land in Florida is covered by at least one special district. Special districts serve a necessary and useful function by providing services to residents, businesses, and property. Special districts generate billions in revenues for Florida’s economy, create private-sector jobs, and have a substantial impact on the lives of every Floridian and on the state’s economy. For these reasons, special districts must be held highly accountable. Chapter 189, Florida Statutes, Uniform Special District Accountability Act (the “Act”) holds all special districts accountable and accessible to state agencies, the municipalities and counties in which they operate, and the citizens they serve.    

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  1. General Information
  • Full Legal Name:Housing Authority of the City of Stuart, Florida
  • Public Purpose:To provide/administer decent, safe, and sanitary housing
  • Boundaries:  Martin County, Florida
  • Services Provided:Subsidized Housing Programs
  • Charter / Creation document:Resolution #296 (Housing Authority #1) & Resolution #297 (Housing Authority #2)
  • Statute under which the special district operates: Florida Statute 421
  • Date established:  March 11, 1942, per Resolutions #s 296 & 297
  • Establishing Entity:  The City of Stuart, Florida
  1. Contact information
  • Mailing Address: 611 Church Street, Stuart, Florida 34994
  • E-mail: SHA@Stuarthousingauthority.org
  • Telephone Number:772-287-0496
  • Website Address: hacfp.org
  • Registered Agent /Registered Office:Housing Authority of the City of Stuart, Florida, Andrea Kochanowski, Executive Director, 611 Church Street, Stuart, Florida 34994
  • Governing body members:
    • Chairperson: Deborah Langston
    • Vice-Chair: Pearlie Clark
    • Commissioner: Jennie Davis
    • Commissioner: Barbara Dotson
    • Commissioner: Nancy Judy
    • Commissioner: Martha Mosley
    • Commissioner: Lilly Williams
  • Official address for each Board Member:Housing Authority of the City of Stuart, Florida, 611 Church Street, Stuart, Florida 34994
  • Official email address for each Board Member: SHA@Stuarthousingauthority.org
  • Term Expires for each Board Member:

Commissioner Deborah Langston: 05/21/19

Commissioner Pearlie Clark: 05/21/21

Commissioner Jennie Davis: 05/21/22

Commissioner Barbara Dotson: 05/21/19

Commissioner Nancy Judy: 05/21/22

Commissioner Martha Mosley: 05/21/20

Commissioner Lilly Williams: 05/21/20

Appointing Authority: The City of Stuart, Florida

  1. General Financial Information
  • Fiscal Year Period: April 1st through March 31st
  • Tentative Budgets   –  None
  • Final Adopted Budgets:  – 2018
  • Budget Amendments  – 2018
  • Annual Financial Report – Future Years no longer required
  • Audit Report Fiscal Year End 03/31/18
  1. Ethics
  • Florida Commission on Ethics – Generally applicable ethics provisions
  • SHA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct
  1.  Regular Public Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings may be held at the principal office or other such location as determined by the board, including the date and time. Regular meetings may also be determined by the President/CEO or Executive Director based on business requirements at that time. A regular meeting notice may be sent electronically, hand delivered at that time. A regular meeting notice may be sent electronically, hand delivered or mailed to the business or home address of each commissioner of the Authority and posted publicly at the office at least 48 hours prior to the time of such regular meeting. The notification will include the board meeting package.

The Annual meeting of the Board shall be held annually thirty (30) days prior to the of end of the fiscal year, March 31st.  It may be held on the same date and place as the regular meeting that month which is to be determined annually and notification sent to each board of commissioner in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 111 – Meetings, Section 1: Annual Meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers and to conduct any other business the board may deem necessary.

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Stuart, FL 34994


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Monday – Thursday 8am-4pm

Friday 8am-1pm

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