Board of Commissioners


Unless notified otherwise, the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce, Florida (FPHA) Board of Commissioners regular board meetings (including the February annual board meeting) are held:

  • 4:30 pm
  • 2nd Thursday of every month
  • FPHA's Board Room
    511 Orange Avenue
    Fort Pierce, FL 34950


William Nunn

William NunnWilliam Nunn

Sheila Bradley
Vice Chairperson

Sheila BradleySheila Bradley

Linda Cutler

Linda CutlerLinda Cutler

Patricia Diaz

Patricia DiazPatricia Diaz

JoAnn Parrish

JoAnn ParrishJoAnn Parrish

Appointing Authority

The City of Fort Pierce, Florida

Contact Information

This is the official address and email address for each board member as well.

Registered Agent / Registered Office

The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce, Florida
Andrea Kochanowski
Executive Director
511 Orange Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Additional Information

Special District Accountability Program

Every parcel of land in Florida is covered by at least one special district. Special districts serve a necessary and useful function by providing services to residents, businesses, and property. Special districts generate billions in revenues for Florida's economy, create private-sector jobs, and have a substantial impact on the lives of every Floridian and on the state's economy.

For these reasons, special districts must be held highly accountable. Chapter 189, Florida Statutes, Uniform Special District Accountability Act (the "Act") holds all special districts accountable and accessible to state agencies, the municipalities and counties in which they operate, and the citizens they serve.

General Information

  • Boundaries: Saint Lucie County, Florida
  • Charter / Creation Document: Resolution 1850 available upon request
  • Date established: February 1959 - per Resolution 1850
  • Establishing Entity: The City of Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Full Legal Name: The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Public Purpose: To provide/administer decent, safe, and sanitary housing
  • Services Provided: Subsidized Housing Programs
  • Statute under which the special district operates: Florida Statute 421

General Financial Information

  • Annual Financial Report - Future Years no longer required: Available upon request
  • Audit Report Fiscal Year End 2018: Available upon request
  • Budget Amendments: None
  • Final Adopted Budgets: Available upon request
  • Fiscal Year Period: July 1st through June 31st
  • Tentative Budgets: None